New Year’s Resolutions from SECRETS, Crown The Empire, Emmure and more

January is the time if month where we all create possible and sometimes impossible goals for ourselves to achieve before the clock strikes 12 on December 31st. From going to the gym more, to eating your vegetables, there is no limit to what we consider a resolution, and your favorite bands are no different. From Crown The Empire to Emmure, we rounded up some of the best and wackiest new year resolutions for 2015.

“My New Years resolution is to stop picking my nose and eating it (in public).” – Aaron Melzer (SECRETS)



“Listen to and follow my instincts, Be adventurous, Eat less crap, Write my best songs yet, Stop using load-ins/outs as an excuse to not exercise, Do more good deeds.” – Stephanie Trivison (These Knees)


“Our resolution is to play more shows in 1 year than we ever have!” – full band (Kingdom of Giants)

“This has been a great year for self reflection. I’ve made a step in the right direction of who I want to be and the goals I see myself accomplishing. That being said, my resolution is to find a reason to turn down.” – Andy Leo (Crown The Empire)


“I want to be more adventurous when we travel. Go sight seeing and shit.” – David Escamilla (Crown The Empire)


“Rock out with my cock out! Literally…” – Brandon Hoover (Crown The Empire)


“My New Years resolution is to have a resolution” – Hayden Tree (Crown The Empire)


“Push myself to work harder and be better than I was last year.” – Benn Suede (Crown The Empire)


“I want to break at least three snare heads in one set.” – Brent Taddie (Crown The Empire)

Crown The Empire 2014


“My New Year’s resolution would have to be to practice new drumming techniques, and just becoming a better musician overall. It is one thing to be good at what you do, but it is even better to continue to excel at it, and become more knowledgeable then just settling for ‘ok.'” – Aaron Rosa (Palisades)



“I want to become a computer hacker so I can be like Keanu Reeves from The Matrix and fly around and dodge bullets!” – Ronnie (Born of Osiris)
“Our New Year’s resolutions are: put a out a fantastic record, meet more fans to encourage in their lives, tour even more, play vintage N64 games, and make sure Jordan and Eziekel don’t kill each over their football team rivalries (Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens, respectively).” – full band (ForeverAtLast)


“My New Year’s resolution is to stay happy at any cost.” – Jesse Ketive (Emmure)
“After a pretty bogus 2014, my resolution this year is to learn from last year’s mistakes and focus harder on being the best. Continuously writing and growing, while touring extensively to support our new album, Dead, Everywhere.” – Matthieu Murphy (Tear Out The Heart)
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“The New Year’s resolution for Darkness Divided would be to tour as much a possible!  We played 100 shows last year, and we are looking to do 180 in 2015. Here’s to hitting the road!” – Gerard Mora (Darkness Divided)
“This year, I hope to gain a better understanding and feel for the drums. It’s a part of my musical background that I think would be beneficial to expand upon in hopes of becoming an overall better musician.” – Chris Evanko (Meridian)