My Ransomed Soul Announce New Album, Releases New Single And Music Video

Metalcore outfit, My Ransomed Soul has announced their third LP, “Trilateral” to be released on February 24th.  Since the 2013 release of their sophomore album “Falsehoods,” the band has developed a unique and distinctive sound that makes them stand out from the rest of the metal and hardcore genres.  Produced and engineered by Chris Galvez and mixed and mastered by Brian Hood,  “Trilateral” is a 10-track album that is sure to have any listener questioning what the last song was about.

 “If there is one thing I would like to accomplish with our lyrics, it’d be to get people to think,” says vocalist Brendan Frey. “I want people to take a hard look at themselves and the things around them and really question what they know. I want to inspire not only a personal shift in perception, but to motivate action to change society as a whole.”

Track List

1. Rise

2. Mockingbird

3. Revolt

4. Rehab

5. Monarch

6. Trilateral

7. Apparitions

8. Reflections

9. Inundate

10. Revive

Today the group released the first single and music video from the upcoming album titled, “Monarch.” The single is also available for download with a preorder of “Trilateral” and is currently $5 for a limited time.