INTERVIEW: Streetfight Silence Talks New Album ‘Dream On, Dreamer’ Out Now

There ought to be a copy of Streetfight Silence new album, Dream On, Dreamer, in the hands of everyone who calls themselves a fan of rock music. The amount of talent and heart poured into this breakout album begs the question, why aren’t they signed? This was my first time listening to them and I feel compelled to declare that they deserve every bit of success coming their way this year and beyond. Amid their busy schedule drummer Chrissy Cooley took the time to share his thoughts on what this record means to them, their evolution in recent years, and even Star Wars. Yes, Star Wars.

Substream Magazine: Since your formation in 2008 you have shared the stage with bands like Tesseract and Don Broco. And you recently finished a headlining tour with Fake The Attack. How have those experiences shaped you as individuals and as a collective?

Chrissy Cooley: We played with both Don Broco and TesseracT when they were at a similar level to us. I think for all of us, as a band and as individuals, seeing those bands continue to grow and succeed has really affected our work ethic and pushed us to keep evolving, progressing and appreciate any opportunities that we’re given. I think over the years, playing touring and spending so much time together has also shaped our friendships and the way we gel as band. I joined the band in late 2008 when I was 15 and Russ was 19, after everything we’ve been through he’s like a big brother to me so sometimes it feels like we’re more like a little family than a band.

SM: How has your sound evolved between your debut album ‘Cutting Strings’ and your sophomore effort Dream on, Dreamer?

CC: Russ really evolved as a songwriter over the album writing process. I think Dream on, Dreamer is more mature than Cutting Strings. The songs, both musically and lyrically have more depth and meaning, and complement each other, as opposed to being a collection of random songs that don’t necessarily fit together.

SM: What challenges did you have to overcome to see the creation of your new record?.

CC: The main challenge for us for was the departure of our old bass player Chris at the beginning of the writing process. He was with us from the start so adjusting and continuing without him was a big obstacle. We were stuck in limbo for a while but once we found our feet and new bass player Buddah joined us, Russ became a writing machine. The whole experience actually inspired a few songs on the album.

SM: You filmed an acoustic version of title track “Dream on, Dreamer” which was met with a positive response from fans. Is that something you would consider doing more of? Maybe even an acoustic Dream on, Dreamer EP?

CC: Definitely! We love playing acoustically. We have a few things in the pipeline so hopefully we’ll have some more videos to share with our fans. We have no plans for an acoustic version of Dream on, Dreamer but that would be pretty sweet!

SM: The album kicks off with the lyrics “I’m just a small town boy with a big dream in his heart”. Tell me a little about what this album means for each of you personally. Do you feel that you’re closer to that dream?

CC: This album means everything to us, we put so much hard work in to it. It’s crazy how a year and a half of our lives summed up in 45 minutes. It’s already given us so many great experiences and hopefully there are many more to come. I like to think that we are slowly but surely getting closer to that dream

SM: What are your favorite tracks from the new album to perform live?

CC: Our favorite song to play live is probably “Oceans.” It’s very loud, and hard-hitting so it grabs people’s attention and gives us a chance to go a bit crazy onstage, which is always fun. Another one of my favorites to play live is “Days of Old,” it’s really upbeat and nostalgic which I love.

SM: What do you hope fans take from this release? Is there a message you want to get across? 

CC: Russ wrote a lot of his lyrics in such a way that they were personal to him but also relatable so that listeners can interpret them any way they want. The album themes on Russ’s personal experiences and the reality of having to grow up. It’s a theme that so many bands touch upon but the truth is it’s a daunting subject for us when we’ve been doing this since we were teenagers. We just want to remind the listeners that it’s ok to have a bit of childishness in you. In the song ‘Day of Old’ the lyrics “We’re growing older but we’re not growing up” sum up our feelings perfectly.

SM: Rumor has it that Russ got a new “special” guitar on May 4th, otherwise known as Star Wars Day. How excited are you for the new film? 

CC: Aha unfortunately as much as I wish we did, we didn’t actually buy him the guitar. We were all a bit skeptical at first. We’re all massive star wars fans, especially Russ, so it’s a pretty big deal! It’s either going to be amazing or absolutely terrible. After seeing the trailer we’re all pretty pumped though. Fingers crossed, Disney deliver!