Feed Her To The Sharks release Making Of Fortitude Part 1 on Kill Your Stereo

Get your first in-depth glimpse of Fortitude, the forthcoming debut album from Melbourne’s Feed Her To The Sharks, as they unleash Part 1 of their “Making of Fortitude” series.

Synth and guitarist, Kim Choo reflects, “There are so many great metal and hardcore bands going these days, you really have to do something different.” Going further, Choo explains the writing process for Fortitude, adding “we have a lot of elements to our sound that gives the listener something a little bit different to listen to.”

Check out what this album means to FEED HER TO THE SHARKS with the “Making Of Fortitude – Part 1” and keep your eyes peeled for Part 2, brought to you by Kill Your Stereo on February 2nd.

With a new track dropping next week, and their lead single, “The World Is Yours”, attacking the airwaves, it’s clear these Aussies are here to stay.

Pre-order your copy of Fortitude now at VictoryMerch.com today.
Fortitude will be available everywhere on February 10th, 2015.