FEATURE: Palisades Pushing Boundaries

    A Unique Twist on an Electronic Trend

    So far, Palisades has released three singles from their new album MIND GAMES (2015), which drops via Rise Records on January 13. Besides their sophomore full length on the horizon, the Jersey boys also experienced their debut on Fearless Records’ infamous Punk Goes… series with their cover of Pharrell’s inescapable hit “Happy.” And as if 2015 did not look bright enough, they will also be playing the entirety of Vans Warped Tour for the first time ever. Milestone after milestone, Palisades finally sees some well-deserved success after years of thankless hard work and occidental short ends of sticks.

    In terms of new material, Palisades has taken their previous work heard in Outcasts (2013) and exponentially revamped it. With the help of their secret weapon, Earl (MindlessMindless), they’ve always effortlessly incorporated EDM into their songs, and their recent singles have shown a vast improvement in that regard. Their underdog-with-a-broken-heart vibe still lingers as well, which, like in Outcasts, pulses an edgy angriness that fans love throughout their lyrics and vocals.
    As an introduction to MIND GAMES, Palisades dropped a stellar lyric video for the song “Player Hater’s Ball (feat. Blackbear).” Yes, Blackbear. His name alone alerted musically literate listeners that Palisades has no fear when it comes to crossing boundaries and welcoming pop into their sound. Their openness to trends outside of the realm of hardcore separates Palisades from the average Electronic Hardcore band, because their inclusion of pop melodies and electronic back beats goes beyond the typical electronic breakdown you have heard a thousand times. They have completely accepted pop as a part of themselves, and have no hesitation showing that off to the world. The iMessage theme of the emoji filled lyric video also shows Palisades’ inherent connection with all things current, a refreshing bravery in a far too often closed off scene.

    Next palisades released a stimulating music video for the title track featuring Champs, again fearlessly venturing into new arenas of collaborations – hip hop. The music video pushes boundaries as fervently as the song itself, showing off a playful sexiness found in many popular music videos, but often lost in this scenes. They avoid the formulaic nature of videos featuring a band playing in an abandoned house with contrasted lighting and synchronized crabcore. The video bursts with life, color, pretty girls and excitingly quick editing. Palisades has achieved what Issues, I See Stars, Breathe Carolina and other bands of such nature have attempted for years. Palisades succeeded because they went all in – full throttle – without hesitation or uncertainty. Their confidence shoots them forward in the competition of ingenuity.

    All of their new singles have stirred up quite the frenzy from both old and new fans who question the band’s direction. What listeners fail to realize is that Palisades did not wake up one day and write this album on a whim – they have been working towards this for years. Re-listen to Outcasts if you question that. Listen to their covers of Beyoncé’s Drunk in Love and Macklemore’s Can’t Hold Us for further proof that Palisades understands pop, they understand EDM, they understand Hip-Hop and they surely understand a good breakdown.

    Palisades bring more to the scene than people give them credit for doing. Essentially, their live show is a big party. If you cannot see the fun in their music, then take a pill and relax. Have fun with them. Dance a little. There are already enough haters at the player hater’s ball.