EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Jonny Craig on new project, Jonny x Kyle x Midnite, and 2015

Jonny Craig has had a lot on his plate this year and that’s just the way he likes it. Whether it was the release of his solo project a little over a year ago, his new band Slaves, or his most recent venture Jonny x Kyle x Midnite, Craig said he couldn’t have imagined a better year.

“This year I’ve had my hands busy and [in 2015] I’m pretty much booked up for the year with tours so, I’m going to be pretty busy this year,” Craig said. “I like making music. I like touring and I try to stay on the road as much as I can.”

With only starting Slaves less than a year ago, their new record Through Art We Are All Equals via Artery Recordings has been getting much deserved praise. The album holds true to Craig’s style of music; loud, yet refined and melodic in all the right ways. As a tribute to his grandmother, the song “Those Who Stand For Nothing, Fall For Everything” is a favorite of Craig’s. Unlike his past, Slaves shows promising horizons for Craig and he doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. The record also features various cameos including Vic Fuentes (Pierce The Veil), Tyler Carter (Issues), and his sister Natalie Craig, who he said has been singing her whole life.

“I felt it was cool to have her on a song,” Craig said. “We had been talking about it for a long time, but we never linked up properly. This time, I just made it happen. It felt like the right time.”

His newest creation, Jonny x Kyle x Midnite, is a project amongst friends who are on the same page “creatively and mentally,” according to Craig. Holding a soulful dance undertone, the upcoming release of the Jonny x Kyle x Midnite record, The Blueprint For Going In Circles, has already received positive reception.

“So far, everything has gone the way that we wanted,” Craig said. “Kyle and Midnite are some of my best friends and we’ve made music together for a while. I just felt like it was time to put a CD out together. I like that style of music personally and when I get the chance to do it, I’m going to take it. It was an opportunity to have a little bit of fun and make more music.”

Running through what some critics have said about Craig’s booming voice, he mentioned there hasn’t been any particular artist who has been a definite influence on his new projects. Saying he grew up on MewithoutYou and Motown, he doesn’t see them as having an effect on his current style.

“I think all music is inspiring,” Craig said. “Those are just some bands I grew up listening to and I enjoyed listening to. It’s pretty easy. I don’t think I could say that one certain thing inspired my style.”

Being in bands surrounded by friends is something Craig takes seriously. Saying these projects were ventures he “actually enjoyed” doing, Craig hasn’t seen many roadblocks on his way to 2015. He said having the chance to not only make music with, but to tour with his friends is something that almost fell right into his lap.

“It wasn’t anything I was trying to do, it just is what it is,” Craig explained. “I just decided I liked the music and it worked out well. [Slaves] was something I wanted to release at the part I’m at in my career.”

While recording is finally over as well as Slaves first debut tour, the long haul of touring is set to begin for Jonny x Kyle x Midnite early next year. As far as the recording process this time around, Craig said everything is just as it should be.

“We enjoy ourselves, we have a few beers and hang out as friends,” Craig said. “When we go into the studio, we put everything on pause. We put our lives on pause, we put our relationships on pause and we go and do our job. We go in and make the best album that we can as people and musicians. We try to put all of our talent and everything into what we feel is important that suits us.”

You can get both Slaves, Through Art We Are All Equals, and Jonny x Kyle x Midnite, The Blueprint For Going In Circles (dropping January 27, 2015) via Artery Recordings. Catch Jonny x Kyle x Midnite on their first tour kicking off January 14, 2015 in Pomona, California and running through February 13, 2015.