Death Grips releases surprise instrumental album ‘Fashion Week’

Death Grips has risen from the dead

California experimental hip-hop group, Death Grips, has risen from the disbanded graveyard with the release of an instrumental album Fashion Week.

The album was a surprise to fans since Death Grips announced their breakup in July 2014. The group claimed they had reached their peak and would release the final and second half of their double album, titled Jenny Death, on February 10 according to an Amazon listing, the date has not been confirmed.

The album starts with ¨Runway J¨ the familiar sound of Death Grips welcomes the listener. It’s an abrasive and noisy sound, however a quarter into the track the tempo slows to a more melodic sound. The shift in tempo is a comforting spin, although the beat picks up even faster than the start as the track nears the end.

Fans enjoy the high energy delivery of Death Grips and Fashion Week is no different. Though the vocals of MC Ride are no longer present, the instrumental harmony in each track delivers a packed punch of energy.

One of the most interesting features on the instrumental album is it’s ability to subtly mock vocals in tracks ¨Runway N¨ and ¨Runway D.¨ This is found profoundly on those two tracks, but if the album is listened to close enough the absence of MC Ride’s voice is replaced with an eery replica which could be the phantom limb to the album.

Sonically, it’s evident that Death Grips has been busy creating this album. The changes in tempo can seem abrasive at times but some how by the end of the track they seem to have worked well together. This is evident in ¨Runway A¨, where the track is introduced through the mocking of a female voice. The track then leads into a burst of energy due to the fast beating of the drums.

Fashion Week is not to be mistaken with Death Grips double album The Powers That B consisting of the previously released Niggas on the Moon and the upcoming Jenny Death.

Each track on Fashion Week is titled ¨Runway¨ followed by a single letter, the letters combined spell out ¨JENNY DEATH WHEN.¨ Though Death Grips announced their breakup they did claim to stop making music only when Jenny Death was out.

The album can be downloaded for free on the bands website.