Angels & Airwaves Debut “Tunnels” Video

New video from Angels & Airwaves “Tunnels”, a song dedicated to Tom’s fathers, after passing away this year.

Angels & Airwaves new video combines stunning animation with footage from the band. With clips taken from the animated film, also the brain child of Tom DeLonge, Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker, the viewers are taken on this futuristic journey. The film recently won Best Animated Film at the Toronto International Short Film Festival and is part of larger project which includes film, comics and music.
The new album, The Dream Walker, follows AVA’s last two albums, Love and Love: Part Two, which also had an accompanying film. Upon it’s debut, The Dream Walker hit #3 on the Billboard Top Indie Album Chart & #5 on the Billboard Alternative Chart, as well as taking the top honor at #1 on the iTunes Rock Charts and #1 on the Top Short Films iTunes Charts. The global smash also hit #1 in 14 countries.