THROWBACK: Gym Class Heroes

Originally found in issue #11. Purchase it hereissue11_large.

By: Shea McMahon

Substream? Far from it. After gracing the cover of Issue Five, Gym Class Heroes has found the mainstream.

When I interviewed Travis and crew in Cincinnati, I had to tell people – “you know the take a look at my girlfriend song?” Now, you’d be hard-pressed to find a soccer mom or fifty-something that can’t at least hum the melody.

After riding the gold-record success of As Cruel as School Children, the Upstate New York quartet has hit the studios and put the finishing touches on The Quilt. And fans, be ready, because The Quilt is so good you’ll want to wrap yourself up in it’s smooth hip-hop fusion tracks.

My first taste of the new album came on the three-track EP released in July on iTunes. The first thing that leapt out at e were the names Gym Class had suddenly surrounded themselves with – Busta Rhymes and The Dream being featured on tracks and, not a surprise, Fall Out Boy lead man Patrick Stump producing. The sudden alignment with the stars teamed with the new found fame of television and radio supremacy is the typical formula for a “sell-out.” But don’t jump to judgements too quickly.

“I see the kids walking around like’ah they’re on television, they sold out, fuck ’em.’ I know where they’re at because I was that kid,” said lead singer Travis McCoy. “I praise that and I see where those kids are, but really if they give us a chance, they’re going to realize that we are the same dorks making music that we were four years ago.”

I hate to say it Gym Class and Substream fans, but this could very well be the final time you hear from Travis and the guys in this publication. Their hard work in hip-hop has paid off and GCH has hit it big – Substream’s first full-circle success story.