Stream Drug Churches New Song “But Does It Work?”

Albany bred punk rock band Drug Church has announced plans to release a new EP called Swell on February 10th with No Sleep Records. Despite clearly “jumping the shark” on the new record, Drug Church has premiered their first new song “But Does It Work?
Stream “But Does It Work?” 

On “But Does It Work?” Drug Church goes for pop crossover with their own “Teenage Dirtbag” style one-hit-wonder. Regarding the purely coincidental similarities to a certain college-rock staple, the band says, “if ripping off The Pixies was good enough for Nirvana, it’s good enough for Drug Church.” The Albany-area band hopes to buy at least one pool off the success of this track.
On Swell, Drug Church push their idiosyncratic blend of punk and alt to new heights of sick. Recorded with J. Robbins in a big, professional studio, Swell delivers the biggest Drug Church sound to date. It’s pretty much the life-changer you assumed it would be.
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