REVIEW: The Story Changes – ‘Never In Daydream’

For Mark McMillon of The Story Changes, his story changed when he officially joined Hawthorne Heights in 2013 after touring with the group for many years. The Story Changes, however, remained the same.

Formed in 2004, the Dayton, Ohio, duo of McMillon and Christopher “Poppy” Lee, who has also spent time touring with Hawthorne Heights, have released three albums and are dropping their fourth EP, Never In Daydream, via Little Heart Records today. A follow-up to 2013’s full-length album Static and Trembling, Never In Daydream has a much more relaxed sound. Even though the responding EP is a bit more serene than its prior album, The Story Changes maintained their signature 90’s-esque sound.

With four songs on the EP, the first two tunes, “Politics Behind It” and “Shedding Skin,” are very upbeat. The third track, “Silver Lining”, serves as a nice segway between the fast-paced first half of the album to its ending song that defines the EP’s relaxed sound, “North Carolina.” The last track features soft vocals, simple instrumentals, and lyrics like “days go by, I’m lost in these memories” that provide listeners with a reminiscing and daydreaming anthem. Although the album’s lyrics aren’t spectacular and won’t linger in your head, it’s easy to find yourself singing along with them.

Fans of The Story Changes will appreciate this EP as it reflects the band’s growth over the past 10 years, while new listeners will enjoy the musical diversity represented in the form of four catchy, unique tracks.