Review: Powerwolf – ‘The History of Heresy II (2009 – 2012)’

Throw this album on while Van Helsing is hunting Frankstein’s monster and you have the sound track to your walk through a gothic city ravaged by werewolves, vigilante hunters and the plague (if you don’t have that, head out into the woods with some noise isolating headphones,you’ll never be the same again).

The space in this album builds anticipation. Like walking into a church hundreds of years old to the creaking of the walls and the howling of the wind, only to be mauled by a werewolf as you kneel to pray for safety. Or coming face to face with the darkened and foggy streets of a town abandoned at night, Jack The Ripper at one end and the screams of Mary Kelly haunting the wet air.

The History Of Heresy II is the sound track that every gothic novel, film and poem has ever longed for. Powerwolf have plugged a gap in history, they’ve sealed the fate of any gothic monster film that’ll come out in the next 100 years and that fate is that if Powerwolf don’t soundtrack that beast the film will never be what it should be.