REVIEW: Farewell, My Love – ‘Wrapped Up In Pinstripes’

One of the best parts about following a band is when they decide to release acoustic versions of their fans’ favorite songs. Just in time for the holiday season, Farewell, My Love has done just this.

Their five-track EP Wrapped Up In Pinstripes drops today, just in time to act as a holiday gift for their fans.

Stripped of the electric instrumentals that their listeners are used to, Wrapped Up In Pinstripes showcases the band’s raw talent. Although each of the five songs has been recorded before, Farewell, My Love, says these tracks have been “reimagined and rerecorded in a way that no one has ever heard [the band] before.”

Welcoming “the new era” of the band, Wrapped Up In Pinstripes is an easy listen, especially for people who enjoy the sound of an acoustic guitar over an electric like myself. With many acoustic EPs such as this, songs tend to run together because they all sound the same. However, each track on this album offers a different sound, making each song a unique listening experience.

My favorite cover on the album, “Paper Forts,” starts out slowly with soft vocals and slow guitar stylings, but by the end, the rhythm has increased and the vocals become louder and more aggressive. It’s a very interesting listen from beginning to end, much like the entire EP.

Released by Standby Records, Wrapped Up In Pinstripes has me excited for Farewell, My Love’s new era and sound.