REVIEW: Dream Ritual – ‘Self – Titled’

Dream Ritual’s self-titled debut EP is a full bodied rock album that sporadically dances along the borders of the psychedelic. Front-man Jason Nunn’s robust voice lends itself well to the resonating fullness found in every moment of this release.

The opening tracks “Green World” and “Fade” are ripe with head-bang worthy moments, having subtle hints of influence from established bands such as Breaking Benjamin and August Burns Red.

The highlight of this EP comes in the form of “Hamptons;” a near five minute song that begins with super charged instrumentation and mellow vocals which create a unique contrast in sound initially. Nunn’s booming voice during the chorus sets this track ablaze and breathes a second wind into what has been a phenomenal listen to this point.

The EP closes with “Little Speck” and takes on another identity with the instrumentation coming from this track alone. The sequences and riffs here have been more compelling than in the five songs that precede it; and give new meaning to the timeless adage “saving the best for last”.

All in all, Dream Ritual’s debut is a refreshing reminder of what rock sounds like when done right. Stellar instrumentation, soaring vocals, and earnest lyrics make this EP a resounding success.