MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE: Edge of Haze – “Into The Red Sun”

Finland’s Edge of Haze is an up and coming band that you need to be on the watch for. Their recently released album Illumine contains elements of goth, djent and atmospheric metal and is highly recommended for fans of bands like Deftones and Nightwish.

Illumine is a concept album based on the novel Escape from Camp 14 which is about a man dwelling in a dusty city under a totalitarian regime. After seeing a vision of his city burning, the protagonist decides to attempt an escape and set out to find the landscape of his soul, however he finds it very hard to disconnect from his dismal past.

Today we’ve teamed up with the Edge of Haze to premiere the artful lyric video for their mesmerizing song “Into the Red Sun”. Sit back, let the music take you on an earth-shaking journey and enjoy!

You can pick up your copy of Illumine on Edge of Haze’s Bandcamp.