Come Wind asks fans to fund their debut album via Kickstarter

Ohio indie band, Come Wind, have asked their fans to help fund their debut album via Kickstarter. Check out their video below along with part of the description about the project.

“We’ve been writing songs for well over a year now, and we finally feel confident that we have the best ones ready to make into an album. We’ve been an independent band from the beginning. The two records we’ve previously released have been both musical and financial labors of love. We’ve never had an industry dollar behind anything we’ve done. What we have had each step of the way is loyal fan support for every endeavor we’ve ever attempted, and it’s that support we’re reaching out to now. Song after song, show after show, year after year we’ve been blown away by how much all of you care about this band. We are so thankful for each of you, and we’re asking for your help. We feel like the songs for this record are the best we’ve ever written, and we want each of you to have a part in getting them out there.”

For updates, check out the band’s website.