REVIEW: The Ghost Inside – ‘Dear Youth’

Hardcore music is a lot like a pineapple. It has a tough exterior, but is actually very sweet on the inside. The Ghost Inside is no exception to this. Their music is aggressive and allows you to unleash all of your rage along with Jonathan Vigil’s growling vocals and Aaron Brooks’ relentless riffing and maddening breakdowns, but at the same time their lyrics have always been honest and meaningful. The Los Angeles based band’s new album Dear Youth is a poignant outpour of real emotion, captured in mosh-worthy hardcore anthems.

Dear Youth is based on a letter vocalist Jonathan Vigil wrote to his younger self, and the lyrical content follows in the same vein. The track “Move Me” proclaims life and then proves it with two-step inciting guitarwork and shout-along lyrics: “with my back against the wall, I stack brick by brick, I will rise above them all like this.”

“Mercy” is the epitome of a good hardcore song from start to finish. With punchy riffing, a catchy chorus, and an earth-shattering breakdown—there is no doubt that this track will send crowds into a state of rage when played live.

If you’re in the mood for a quick and dirty, angry, fast-paced pick me up, “Wide Eyed” is the track for you. The three-and-a-half minute song is engaging all the way through, even featuring guest vocals from Epitaph labelmates letlive.’s Jason Butler.

Dear Youth is an entirely solid hardcore album, loaded with memorable musical gems. The Ghost Inside is without a doubt one of the most consistently great hardcore bands, and this new album is just further proof that they can still write mosh-provoking and meaningful music.