REVIEW: The Contortionist -‘Language’

Broken Bells’ albums Broken Bells and After The Disco have been called a travel through space (sonically and from a music video perspective) what The Contortionist has given us isn’t space travel but a journey through a dream state.

Not in Freudian kind of way (though that kind of horror is definitely WAY up there) but in the sense that like sleep, Language lulls you into a false sense of security. “Language II: Conspire” is like when your dreaming about the love of your life, everything is roses and puppies and the next moment you’re looking down and seeing your hands covered in their blood. It’s not the worst of it though. “Thrive” is driving, like you’re running, running and being chased but you’re not going anywhere and the pursuer is gaining on you step by step.

This is an album that’s steeped in grimy atmosphere. Listen to it on shuffle (I remember the days when it was called ‘random’ and it was only on CD players. Most of you are probably too young to remember CDs) and you’ll kill it before it even begins. It’s written to guide you through one of the worst sleeps you could imagine: Lull, nightmare, moment of silence, peace (perhaps you wake up), then you’re running from God-knows-what to God-knows-where.

It’s a journey that should be taken through a good set of headphones and, preferably, in the dark. The Contortionist coming for you, so sit the fuck down Candyman.