REVIEW: The Bunny Gang – ‘Thrive’


We could talk for days about Nathan Maxwell and Flogging Molly (that’s what, in all honesty, sold this record to me) and we talk about it in the interview too. In you can never separate the artist from their most famous or influential work, it’s simply…well nigh impossible. Like when Jim Lockey and The Solemn Sun (beautiful folk rockers from England) reinvented themselves and became The Solemn Sun, a completely different project but that still has some styling of their first band, it’s hard to separate them but it has to be done.

But you have to compartmentalize. Put your Nathan Maxwell associations and ideas to one side and open up this album. Let it wash over you like the melodies in “Beach Coma” are waves that lap at your eardrums with the epitome of the perfect infectious groove. Thank God summer (for me!) is just around the corner because this album yearns for long days and rum from the bottle. As for you, the instrumental “Waves” will take you back from sweater weather and plant you in the post warped days of just chilling and suffering from heat stroke.

Tracks like “Sirens Through The City” have a more urban vibe but they come well before “Beach Coma” and so if you’re up for a reminisce it makes it the perfect the driving song. God, this all sounds like a cheap flight advertisement for a tropical island but I swear once this gets in your ears you won’t stop smiling or dancing.

Also: Bass. The bass guitar on this album is on 11 the whole way through and alongside the “Hey! Hey!” chorus of “Uprise Underground” it…oh hell. Just get the rum out already and soak this album in.