REVIEW: Silent Planet – ‘The Night God Slept’

The Los Angeles metalcore band Silent Planet has released its debut album The Night God Slept, courtesy of Solid State Records. Throughout the aggressive breakdowns and double bass moments, the album is lyrically insightful.

Vocalist Garrett Russell brings, for the most part, clear vocals as the band takes stabs at several dark times throughout history. In the track “XX (City Grave)” Russell’s lyrics consist of today’s crisis of sex trafficking as he yells, “Enslaved in the land of the free, my prison is our wedding bed where you left me for dead.” When we hear the track “Darkstrand (Hibakusha)” Russell’s inspired lyrics stem from the bombings of Hiroshima with “I’d rather sleep and see you soon than die alone in the wake of this nuclear catastrophe.”

The main reason why The Night God Slept should receive positivity with its release is because of the understanding of Russell’s vocals mixed with his lyrical notion people can take away. Underneath each song’s timeless tremelo guitar picking to each lyrical insight and honesty, Solid State Records should be expecting greater things from SIlent Planet in the years to come.