REVIEW: PVRIS – ‘White Noise’

PVRIS - 'White Noise'

PVRIS seemingly came out of nowhere earlier this year with the announcement that they had signed to Rise Records, and then they went ahead and shocked Rise fans everywhere by releasing their very-much not metalcore single, “St. Patrick.” Many questioned though whether PVRIS would be able to create an album that was solid from front-to-back like the single. White Noise is the perfect answer to those doubts.

While PVRIS was not exactly the most likely candidate to be added to the Rise roster, this record is looking to cement the group as one of the label’s most promising up-and-coming bands. Songs like “St. Patrick” and “Ghosts” are the most radio-friendly tracks on the record – and catchy ones at that. “My House” and “Fire” showcase the grit in Lynn Gunn’s voice, which is fitting for the emotionally-laced tracks.

For anyone who listened to “St. Patrick” when it was first released, the allusion was that PVRIS had given up their rock roots for pop sensibilities, but that is quite simply not true. The group somehow found a way to combine their love for electronic programing and guitar flares to create songs that are a perfect blend between schizophrenic and genius. Each song progresses exceedingly well into the next, weaving the dance with the rock with the ballad for an emotional roller coaster of an album.

White Noise is one of those special, rare records you will find yourself falling in love with on the first listen and then falling in love all over again with every subsequent listen. The lyrics and instrumentals are simple enough to draw you in, but intricate enough that you discover something new with each listen. This three piece from Lowell, Massachusetts has quickly found their way into the spotlight and it appears they have no desire of leaving it any time soon. PVRIS created a debut record that is better than most bands will create in their entire career. Make sure you jump on the bandwagon before everyone else. Check out White Noise and be prepared to fall in love with music all over again.