With their recent self-titled, self-released debut EP, the Toms River, NJ natives, Nikos, harness uplifting alternative rock speckled with electro-pop influences and Dashboard Confessional-esque vocal stylings for a tenderly romantic 6 track production.

Single “Illusions” opens the album in dramatic fashion, frontman Nikos Klimentos entrancing with his rich yet dreamy, floating vocals as he confesses “Can’t this be real? You’re the only thing I wanted.”  The energy shifts to electric pop demonstrated through flighty key progressions with “Another Sunday Morning,” while “The Chase,” is a more gentle, inspirational track with soaring melodies to match the positive underlying messages as Klimentos declares “We’ll change the world with just our faith.”

The strongest, most emotionally driven track “Dancing with the Dead,” boasts an impressive array of fervent yet melodic guitars and catchy vocal arrangements, as there is no denying the passion in Klimentos’ heart when he cries “before I met you I was going nowhere.”  Closing track “Anthem,” is the grittiest, most pop/rock track yet, with hints of Fall Out Boy influences in the chorus.

When listening track by track it’s distracting that the songs don’t always transition smoothly into one another, and “Step Step” sort of just ends abruptly like a speeding train screeching to a halt, but with those minor flaws aside, Nikos is a poetic listen with angelic yet inspiring electro-orchestral rock melodies, flawless vocals and sing-along-able lyrics that listeners will anticipate hearing on the radio.