REVIEW: Like Monroe – ‘Things We Think But Never Speak’

Things We Think But Never Speak is out now via Good Fight Music/EOne Music.

The Texas group Like Monroe have just dropped their first album and it’s nothing short of head-bang worthy. The single, “The Hills” is packed with a smooth chorus and a roaring hook. The lyrics from the track, “run for the hills, run ‘till your lungs give up,” give that spooky, Halloween-y vibe many bands in the genre seem to lack with their fluffy tracks about lost love (heard it all before). Much like their metalcore counterparts, the album is full of breakdowns and screaming, but what sets the band apart from others are their lyrics and more melodic sound. The songs “Prison Flood” and “The Hills” are frontrunners for the best tracks off the album, which isn’t for the lighthearted. The lyrics as well as the guitar riffs and drum beats are heavy. Like Monroe show listeners they’re here to stay with this debut album.