REVIEW: Great Sale Day – ‘Wild and Chunky’

With a title that sounds like a soup flavor, Great Sale Day’s debut album Wild and Chunky dropped today. With each band member also a member of another band, this group of men, composed of Andrew Fisher of Basement, Ed McRae of Your Demise, Daniel Frye of Unholy Majesty and Ben Saker of Breaking Point, joined together to record an album that will make you think you’re listening to old-school punk rock music.

It could be anything from the prominent bass lines, Wheezer-esque vocal stylings, danceable beats, or fun lyrics giving the 11-song album its nostalgic feel, but no matter what it is, it works.

With the longest song ending at a bit over three minutes, it’s easy and enjoyable to listen to this entire album in one sitting. However, you may not be able to get its catchy choruses out of your head for the next few hours.

In the same respect, if you’re looking for vocal variety, musical diversity, or heavy instrumentals, this isn’t the album for you. For example, the first four songs on the album, “Do Not Want To,” “Calm Down, Slow Down,” “Up In The Clouds” and “Best Friends”, all open in with a similar combination of a bass guitar and drums, making it hard to differentiate between the beginning of one song and the ending of another.

All in all, Wild and Chunky is great if you miss the 90’s era punk sound, you should give this album a listen. If not, keep your eyes open for Great Sale Day in the future because I have a feeling that they’re capable of a completely different sound than they deliver in this album.