REVIEW: First Class Motive – ‘Disasterpiece’

Music has the tendency to bring people together, and in some cases, it can even go so far as to form or build relationships. Musicians Ryan Baird and Michael Newkirk of Indianapolis, Indiana, are prime examples. The duo formed their band, First Class Motive, in 2008 for fun. Six years later, the two are still friends and their first full-length album, Disasterpiece, hits iTunes today.

With witty, playful banter before or after each song, the pair’s friendship is evident throughout the entire album. This display of their friendship combined with the album’s simple acoustics and vocals contribute to Disasterpiece’s light, relaxing sound.

Although the album is a bit lengthy at 15 songs and around 58 minutes, each song has unique lyrics that depict scenes perfectly for the albums’ listeners. Some songs, such  as “Chicks Don’t Dig Me” and “Junior Varsity Blues” offer laugh-worthy commentary in their catchy, narrating lyrics.

In this genre, many songs and albums have so much going on that listeners finish them feeling exhausted. On the other hand, Disasterpiece and its songs are different. The record’s simplicity and uniqueness make an easy listen.

Even though many of the songs have the same sound, there were a few surprises to keep listeners’ attention. “Let’s Get Some New Cliches,” for example, provides an acoustic breakdown and a few screamed verses.

This acoustic pop-punk album has a little bit of everything, so if you’re looking for an eclectic mixture of music that tells funny stories and exemplifies a real-life friendship, give First Class Motive’s Disasterpiece a listen.

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