REVIEW: Buffalo Killers – ‘Fireball Of Sulk’

The Cincinnati rock band, Buffalo Killers are releasing its newest album Fireball Of Sulk, via Sun Pedal Recordings. The six-song album is the band’s second record with Sun Pedal Recordings, as well as a quartet after guitarist Sven Kahns made his mark into the band with the release of Buffalo Killers’ previous effort, Heavy Reverie.

While the album is a strong rock record, full of heavy classic guitar solos and vocals that could honestly pass as if they were recorded in the 1970s, it seems like Fireball Of Sulk is just a continuation of the band’s previous releases. And that’s not a bad element of the band at all.

The album opens with a catchy bass line on the track “Blankets On The Sun.” It’s a great song to open the record with because it demonstrates just how versatile Buffalo Killers are. The entire song sounds like a dimmed out version of a 90s grunge inspired tone. A few songs later and we land on the track “Marshmallow Mouth.” The song dwells into a darker tone we find on the album with screeching guitar solos and simple, three-chord bass and guitar rhythm played over and over. The timeless track is the band’s strongest moment on Fireball Of Sulk.

Although many might argue how Buffalo Killers are only producing rock albums that people have been hearing again and again since the 70s, it works for them. It doesn’t matter if other people think the band should progress into something new because the quartet is just having a great time, and that definitely shows on Fireball Of Sulk.