REVIEW: Black Veil Brides- ‘Black Veil Brides IV’

In the midst of Hot Topic’s Black Mass 2014 tour, hard-rockers Black Veil Brides dropped their fourth album, Black Veil Brides IV. The 11 track record, released on October 27 under Republic Records, can be found in the first half of iTune’s top 100 albums with just cause.

IV, the band’s follow-up to their experimental 2013 album, Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones, takes the band back to their roots with rhythmic guitar riffs, narrating lyrics, and beats that will have you head banging.

Opening with a combination of pounding drums and shredding electric guitars that leads into a memorable chorus, “Heart of Fire,” the album’s single, sets high expectations for the following ten tracks and leaves listeners thirsty for more of the band’s punchy tunes.

And, of course, the rest of the album delivers. From “Faithless”’s driving guitars that make it the perfect song for Guitar Hero to multiple breakdowns in “The Shattered God”, IV showcases Black Veil Brides’s array of instrumental abilities with each song sounding a bit different than the others.

On the other hand, there’s not much vocal diversity. Lead singer Andy Biersack delivers lyrics in the same manner for most of the record. Unless you’re already a BVB fan and know what to expect from his voice, the album can be a bit difficult to listen to in one sitting. However, songs like “Heart of Fire” and “Stolen Omen” provide listeners’ ears with a break as these songs feature screams and choruses that flatter the frontman’s unique vocal stylings.

All in all, Black Veil Brides IV is an album that gets better with each listen and there’s a reason it’s doing so well on iTunes.