REVIEW: Big Something – ‘Truth Serum’

North Carolina’s pop/jazz fusion band Big Something has released its third full length album, Truth Serum. The eight-song album contains elements of jazz, improv and pop rock as it mixes preaching lyrics. More so, the six-piece band decided to record the album live to capture an authentic sound and it certainly delivers.

The album opens with “Megalodon,” which features jazz, hip-hop and electronic DJ Logic. A song driven by catchy bass lines intertwined by a funk-inspired guitar take the listener through a modern original sound only Big Something can create.

We hear what the band has to offer vocally and lyrically with its track “Capt. D.” The track is potentially the catchiest song lyrically as vocalist Nick MacDaniels sings, “Yeah they say the world is round, but I know that it is flat, I sailed to the edge and back again.” MacDaniels’ vocal ability has the perfect match to the album’s overall sound, contributing to Big Something’s originality.

The album’s nine and a half minute title track is another stand out song as it fuses hip-hop verse structures blended with electronic ambience. Throughout the song we also hear funk sounding guitar rhythms change to rock shredding guitar solos.

Big Something stay true to their originality on Truth Serum, and that’s something they should continue on in their career.