LIVE REVIEW: Twenty One Pilots – Paris, FR – 11/12/14

For their second time (both headline shows) in Paris, Twenty One Pilots added 100 people from the last time they came. On this cold evening of Novembre, there were 500 people queuing up in front of this Parisian venue, La Maroquinerie, and ready for a good night.

Soon after everyone entered, making their second sold out night in a row, Texas band Purple literally hit the stage, with sounds recalling a mix of old punk-rock-grunge, and The Hives if the band was fronted by a lady. However, that doesn’t make Purple a front woman band, as Hanna Brewer is kicking her drum set and sings with Taylor Busby, all gathering around the heavy bass of Joe.

After a quick stage shift, putting Tyler’s piano on stage, bringing Josh’s drum set, lights went out to leave the sold out venue with a British accent message, introducing Twenty One Pilots, recalling the musical story of Peter And The Wolf. The smoke on stage was hiding the duo who was already hiding under their now famous stage outfits, such as the skeleton onesie or the “Car Radio” hoods. The British voice came back twice, sounding like two encores, giving the guys a break to get new outfits. It didn’t last long before Tyler climbed on people’s hands, or Josh gave an impressive drum solo, standing on the crowd. Let’s also not forget the moment when the two best friends get on the crowd, kicking their drums perfectly. |-/

Review and photos by Edouard Camus