LIVE REVIEW: Mayday Parade – Nashville, TN – 11/12/14

An all ages pop-punk show in the confines of an intimate venue makes for an interesting blend of sweat, screaming and the occasional tear.

Packed shoulder-to-shoulder in Cannery Ballroom on Wednesday night were hundreds of skinny jean-clad angsty teens and an equal amount of 20-something hipsters reliving their scene kid youth at a Mayday Parade show.

The band opened with their classic hit, “Jersey” and it wasn’t a surprise to see heads bobbing up and down in unison while every mouth yelled: “Jersey just got colder and I’ll have you know I’m scared to death…”

The energy of the crowd was unbeatable and it had much to do with the way frontman Derek Sanders hopped around on stage and demanded crowd participation through hand-clapping and sing-alongs.

Mayday managed to work in a tune for everyone with their varietal set list. They played classic hits like “Jersey,” “Three Cheers for Five Years,” and “Jamie All Over” for old fans, and they totally rocked out on their newer jams like “When You See My Friends,” “Ghosts,” and “Girls.”

For the broken-hearted, Sanders’ charm mixed with his passion on the piano created an eye-watering combination when he crooned “Miserable at Best” and “Terrible Things.” He pulled at the heartstrings of everyone in the crowd who had ever been in love, and he did it beautifully.

They ended the night with “Jamie All Over” and the vigor of the crowd was comparable to that of screaming preteens at a One Direction concert. Sanders could’ve put the mic down and his loyal fans still would’ve carried the song away without missing a beat.

When it was time to head out, girls had black mascara smudged down their cheeks, messed up ponytails and sweat-stained tank tops. Boys were running their fingers through their drenched hair, mouthing the words to the band’s songs as they walked out of the venue.

The night was a successful source of nostalgia for 20-somethings who ravished in the familiar high school-esque vibe of the night, and the perfect pop punk dance party for the younger fans.


Photos by Sami Wideberg

Review by Lauren Craddock