LIVE REVIEW: American Authors – The Honda Civic Tour – Columbus, OH – 11/02/14

The Brooklyn based American Authors have found themselves as the headline act of the fall 2014 Honda Civic Tour along with the opening acts of Oh Honey and The Mowgli’s.

American Authors had taken the radio by storm over the past Summer and it made complete sense for them to be headlining the Honda Civic Tour. Their optimistic and free flowing music makes a perfect combination for a fun loving hit, and in their case — hits. This four-piece group knows how to make great music, and in return knows how to make a great fan following. American Authors consists of Zac Barnett (vocals), Matt Sanchez (drums), Dave Rublin (bass), and James Adam Shelley (guitar/banjo).

The Honda Civic Tour rolled through Columbus, Ohio at the Newport Music Hall on Sunday November 2nd, 2014. The day was quite cold, and yet there was still a huge line waiting outside despite the weather to guarantee their close spot to the stage. The high energy show that was put on that night was well worth the cold wait.

The American Authors kicked off their night with strobe lights bouncing off the stage and surrounding walls. Without even saying a word, the crowd went off. They were screaming and dancing without hearing a beat. American Authors started off with “Home,” which is one of their more low key songs, and it was a perfect way to ease into what their set would become. The crowd clapped along as every member of the group beat along on a bass drum. To get things pumped up a little more, they performed “Heart of Stone,” which was accompanied by a singing and arm waving crowd. They then followed by playing one of their biggest singles, “Believer” and that was followed by “Luck.” The crowd was fully enwrapped in the music by the time “Believer” started. Every word was sung right back loudly and clearly along with the biggest claps and dance moves of the night.

Lead singer, Zac Barnett, joined the crowd to perform “Ghost” and took some time to interact and talk with the crowd that had come to see the show.

They included a cover of Coldplay’s “Yellow” and Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” in their set list. Some artists need to put covers in to their setlist to make sure the crowd sings along at some point, but with as big as this group of guys have become, they could have done without. Nonetheless, the covers were perfect and exactly spot on.

The show was closed out with their track, “Oh, What A Life,” which was an appropriate way to end the show. The entire night was full energy and made everyone forgot the miserable weather that was occurring outside of the venue doors. It was a perfect night for fans to spend their time singing along to their favorite songs and just take a night off from whatever may be on their minds. The live performance was matched to their recordings — if not better. If you get a chance to see American Authors when they make it your way, it wouldn’t be a bad way to spend a portion of your night.