Portland-based, female fronted, five piece Wild Ones put forth the dreamiest of pop music, translating it differently between their record music and their live show. Now signed to Topshelf Records, the band has spent the last year touring non-stop on their full length record “Keep It Safe.” “This is our 6th and final tour of 2014,” said frontwoman Danielle Sullivan. “We have been working on a record the past year and we are nearing the end of the writing process so we are really excited about that. We’re recording the demos ourselves so that’s what we are working on next.”

For Wild Ones, performing their music live is not a matter of simply playing the songs, but translating it for a live crowd environment. “There’s things that work on a record and there’s things that work in a live show and they are kind of different art forms. And we’ve learned that through playing many, many shows,” explains keyboardist Thomas Himes.” So we try to make it as smooth and powerful, and as interesting and captivating as possible. The integrity of the songs are there, but we always rework them for a live show.”

It’s clear that Wild Ones aren’t afraid to evolve, and reinvent things as necessary. That goes for the band name itself. “Our name actually started as just a misnomer, because we are actually pretty reserved people, we listen to NPR and talk radio. But its starting to become more true. Its becoming the real deal, we’re  WildOneslivegrowing into it. It started off as a joke and its now becoming true,” Nick Vacario said. “Pray for us,” Himes chimed in. “Yes, please please help us,” Vacario agreed.

Hailing from Portland, Oregon is something that continually inspires Wild Ones. “We have so many friends in Portland that are so incredible at their craft in their bands. So there’s a sense of competition but its also just an inspiring place that pushes you to keep producing work, and work that is getting better and better because we have a lot of admiration for the other people that are doing the same thing. Its very motivating to be from Portland and be a musician,” Sullivan explained.

With their final tour of the year, a short run with fellow Portlanders Radiation City, coming to a close soon, we have a lot to look forward to from Wild Ones in the new year. Whatever they put their dream-pop fingertips on is sure to be a magical music experience.

By Amanda Burd