INTERVIEW: Spartan Records’ Newest Addition – Trespassers

Substream Magazine: Spartan felt an instant connection with you. What do you attribute that to and how do you make sure that sentiment is translated to your fans in the music?

Matt Wojtanik: We are all about the music – it’s all we had to show for the band earlier in the year when we were just getting our feet off the ground. We wanted that to be what caught everyone’s attention the most, and it did with Spartan. We feel that really helped spark our relationship with them instantly because we sensed the same thing from them. You can just tell that they love music and care about it whole-heartedly, and we are in this together. That belief in each other shows in the promotion, and everything else connected to getting our name out and will get the fans excited.

SM: What do you want to convey with No Turning Back? This is your first big statement as a signed band on your way up.

MW: When we wrote No Turning Back we wanted to give that memorable first impression. We wanted these three songs to hit home and keep people itching for more at the same time. I feel like writing music is one thing – pretty much every band starts off writing riffs and jamming together just to see if it’s going to work. But with us, we have tightness, musicality, and emotion all rolled into one, and these songs will resonate with the listeners as much as they did ourselves when we were first writing and recording them. Retaining that feeling and drawing the crowd in…that’s our goal.

SM: What do you want the first message from the band to be?

MW: Music is a safe haven and an escape from stress and hardships life deals out. Even though the songs revisit the very things that dragged us down or otherwise when we just felt sad/empty/depressed/shitty – writing them is like a release, and the songs will be there for us, and for whoever chooses to listen and however they want to fit those songs into their lives. We all have our demons but it’s your choice to fight them or let them win and our music can aid in winning that constant battle in your mind.

SM: It’s getting more and more difficult to be noticed as a band breaking into really any scene. Are there any bands that, business-wise, you try to model your career or momentum after? What is your strategy as you get started on a label and hopefully future touring?

MW: As a band, we all know our share of bigger-named musicians and most of it is just from going to shows and them giving a shit about their fans, which is absolutely how we want to be. Personally, I’ve grown to be very good friends with the guys in Vanna from Boston, MA. Everyone in that band has influenced me in how I want to be as a musician and a person. It’s not a gimmick to them. It’s their lives and they make damn sure you know it by the end of the day. What’s worked for us most is just reaching out to people. Including people who might not be into the “music scene”, it’s the hardest market to get at but the most important, and to have them accept something they might not be used to is so crucial — pretty much anyone with a pair of ears and an open mind. You never know, it might be just what they’ve been needing.

SM: There seems to be a resurgence in the style of music Trespassers is bringing to the table. What do you see as important or integral about your scene or genre? What draws you as individuals to this style, both lyrically and musically?

MW: We’ve all been influenced by so many different bands and artists over the years and one common thing that sticks with us all is that raw, hard hitting element to the music we love – awesome riffs, powerful voices, and real feelings. We tried to find a balance of a few different genres to make our own sound and I think we got what we were aiming for without just reinventing the wheel – it reminds us of what bands we love and draw inspiration from and weave it all together. But when it comes down to it we will write what we feel and what you hear is an out pour of every emotion we have, both the music and lyrics.

SM: What are your goals for 2015?

MW: We have our next EP expected to drop very early in the year and it’s the best music the five of us have ever created and we’re very proud of it. We plan on playing local as well as touring as much as possible and hopefully looking into some awesome fests. Also look for a music video around when the EP gets released. Pretty much our main goal of 2015 is to stay busy with the band getting the word out, but remain true to ourselves and our music and have a blast sharing it with the world.

SM: Thank you for speaking with us. Is there anything else you’d like to say?

MW: Thank you to anyone who picked up the EP or just checked us out in general in the last year. We had to start somewhere and we couldn’t have asked for better support from our families, friends, Spartan and all the bands and fans we’ve connected with so far.

We currently have a live session from our practice space on the Spartan Records’ YouTube channel, so please check that out to hear us play “Reveal” and a couple new ones!