INTERVIEW: Oh Honey Talks Honda Civic Tour and Writing New Music

Since Oh Honey’s signing with Atlantic Records/Fueled By Ramen back in February 2014, things have been moving relatively quickly for them. The alternative-pop mixed with folk duo consists of singer/songwriter Mitchy Collins and singer/songwriter Danielle Bouchard, both of Brooklyn, NY. They first met back in 2013 when a friend of Mitchy had played him a voice recording of Danielle singing. Since then, the pair has released two out of a 4 EP series titled, With Love, that was released in March of 2014 and more recently followed up with Sincerely Yours that was released in October. Overall they plan to release a total of 4 EPs under a series titled The Postcard Series. Their single “Be Okay” was featured in promos for FOX’s Red Band Society and ABC’s Selfie and was performed in FOX’s 100th episode of Glee. It is safe to say that Oh Honey’s career has been skyrocketing for this duo, and they just keep getting bigger. They are currently out on the Honda Civic Tour along with The Mowgli’s and American Authors. Even with their relentless touring schedule, we had the opportunity to chat with both Mitchy and Danielle.

Oh Honey - Press Photo 1 - Shanna Fisher

Substream Magazine: You just jumped on tour with American Authors for the Honda Civic Tour — how has that been going?

Danielle Bouchard: We spent the whole summer playing in large amphitheaters, so it’s cool to be playing smaller, and more intimate venues and really connect with the crowd. We are really enjoying it.

SM: What artists have you been listening to while out on the road?

DB: Smallpools and Bon Iver, he is good for late night drives.

SM: Favorite song to play live?

Mitchy Collins: I like to play them all. I like to play a new song “Until You Let Me,” off of our new EP Sincerely Yours. It’s really energetic and gets the crowd going — a lot.
DB: Yeah, that’s probably mine as well. It’s really fun and the crowd reacts really well to it.

SM: You recently released the  second of your 4 EP series, titled Sincerely Yours — are you playing any tracks off of that along with “Until You Let Me?”

MC: We are playing all but one.
DB: We are doing a pretty good mix of the old EP and the new one. That way people know some of the songs and words, and they are able to hear the new stuff as well.

SM: You are touring with a full band correct?

DB: We have a great group of guys. They are amazing, and very talented. They are very good friends of ours, so it’s a lot of fun.
MC: I play guitar and we have a drummer, bass player and an electric guitar player.
(Drummer: Robbie Ernst. Bass: Paul Dominic. Guitar: Ian Holubiak.)

SM: Since your signing with Atlantic Records/Fueled By Ramen, your career has been moving relatively quickly. What has that been like for you?

DB: It’s been amazing. It is so surreal and it is something that we have dreamed about our whole lives. With it all happening within a year is amazing. I feel really lucky.
MC: It’s one of those things where you dream of it your whole life, but you don’t expect it to happen. Then all of a sudden it happens, and you are just trying to catch up with it.

SM: You both have been out on the road this entire year. Is this the final tour of the year for you?

MC: Yep, this is the last tour for us after pretty much the whole year of touring. We are looking forward to some downtime and then getting back into the studio.
DB: The holidays will be nice, but we were just home for about 2 months — so it does feel good to be back out on the road now. We love it.

SM: Now back to the EPs — You have titled the series The Postcards Series. Have you finished writing and recording all of them? Or are they coming along piece by piece?

DB: Piece by piece, but we do have the names for the titles of the EPs already. We kind of did the process backwards. We will see how that works out for us.
MC: We don’t have all the songs yet. We have some songs that we have finished that will probably go on there.

SM: Do they each have a different theme?

MC: We will see how it comes together. We are just focusing now on writing and seeing what comes from that

“Be Okay”:

You can grab their two EPs on iTunes now:

Sincerely Yours
With Love