INTERVIEW: Fritz Montana and Their Frighteningly Good New Music

Fritz Montana is one of those bands to keep an eye out for in the coming months. With already an impressive short list of accomplishments at hand, Fritz is in the waiting to take off, and their new album Scaredy Cat might just be the launching pad they need. The indie-blues three-piece hailing from San Francisco released their first full length album this past July and finally slowed down on their touring run just enough to catch their breaths before they start it all over again. However, when Substream finally caught up with them, Fritz was still busy showing off the new stuff, so decided to write in from the road and pool their collective thoughts on Scaredy Cat and their plans for the rest of the year.


Substream Magazine: Hey guys! How have your fans been reacting to the new album?

Fritz Montana: The reaction from everyone has been awesome, which really gets us excited about making new music. Our favorite part so far has been playing our CD release at Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco and witnessing everyone’s reaction first hand. Makes us hungry for more.


SM: How is Scaredy Cat different from your debut EP?

FM: Our debut EP was a great learning experience – much of which we took into consideration for Scaredy Cat. It’s definitely more fine-tuned and packs a bigger punch when compared to its predecessor, but it still has the same infectious energy that we’ve grown to love.


SM: Where, when and with whom did you record the new album?

FM: We recorded in early January at the most awesome of recording studios- Panda Studios in Fremont, CA. We had about a week of time to record with the talented Ryan Ellery while Panda Studio’s fearless leader Sam Pura welcomed us with open arms.  It was hard to leave after our time was up. 10/10 would record again.


SM: What experience and lessons from the first EP did you take into the studio with you?

FM: Practice + preparation = success. We realized the quicker we record our material, the more time we can have making adjustments and fine-tuning the sound we really wanted.


SM: What were some of the big influences you used as inspiration when you were writing?

FM: Nothing in particular. We all come from such different backgrounds that we compile all our influences into one, giant influential melting pot of goodness.  We all agree though that the Annexation of Puerto Rico was a defining moment in history and our music certainly reflects that.


SM: Favorite song off the new album?

FM: “My Body Does It All” is a band favorite. It was the first one we wrote which really prompted us to write the new album.


SM: What are some of the ways you’ve grown as a band or individuals since the start of Fritz Montana?

FM: The most impacting growth has been just becoming better friends with each other.  We’ve spent so much time together over the past year that we keep pushing each other to become not only a better band, but also better individuals.


SM: You released a music video for your single, “Let You Down.” Plans for any additional music videos?

FM: Eventually! The “Let You Down” video was completed for the Music Video Race contest held in San Francisco and it provided an awesome opportunity.  It would be really cool to be involved again with something like that.


SM: The band will also be headlining NBC Bay Area’s The City: SF Sounds. How excited are you to be representing your city in such a way?

FM: We were very honored to headline for the SF Sounds show.  The vibe from everyone involved made us extremely humbled to be involved (not to mention free swag from Jack Daniels). Can’t wait for another opportunity- it was definitely one of our favorite shows.


SM: How will the band be wrapping up the summer?

FM: The only way we know how- beaches, barbeques, and band practice.


SM: What are the rest of your plans for the rest of 2014?

FM: We want to fit in as many shows as possible by the end of the year without sacrificing time to get newer, better material written.  A busy band is a happy band.


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Facebook: /fritzmontanaband

Twitter: @TheFritzMontana

Instagream: @TheFritzMontana