Full Of Rage With Nicolas Cage Tour Blog 6 – Jordan of It Lives, It Breathes

What’s going on everyone! Jordan here from It Lives, It Breathes. Today we finally arrived home. This past week marked the last of the Full of Rage with Nicolas Cage tour, and I’m super bummed out! But we all had an awesome time with our good friends in The Nearly Deads.

We started off the final run in Salt Lake City, and our buds in The Animal In Me were unable to make it. BUT, the show went amazing. The venue (Loading Dock) was a really rad place, and it was an awesome turnout. We had the opportunity to hang out after with our friend at a club down the street… And our buddy Kevin from TND may or may not have placed a dollar bill in a dude’s banana hammock… 


The next stop was in Grand Junction, CO. At the Mesa Theater. This is our first time in Colorado, but we couldn’t have felt more at home. The staff, the venue, and all bands involved were incredible. The bands were also given a bar tab (that I took full advantage of, of course) which made the experience… Interesting. We can’t WAIT to come back.

The next day, we made our trek to Skatuary in Sheridan, CO. The trip to the venue was a struggle because we got stuck in a snow storm! It forced authorities to shut down the only highway to the venue, which set us back several hours, BUT WE MADE IT! The venue was actually an AMAZING skatepark/venue. The fans were incredible, singing the lyrics with us and having a damn good time. After the show, I was able to borrow a fans skateboard and shred around on it!


Unfortunately, our St. Louis show was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances the night prior, so we spent the next two days making our way over to Warehouse in La Crosse, WI. This venue was unique, because instead of having your usual alcohol bar, they had a fully stocked specialty Soda bar. The owner Steve told us that he has been running the venue that way since the early 90’s, and it has been one of my favorite venues to play (aside from the vast amounts of stairs we needed to tote our gear up, of course hahah). 

And finally, what ended up being the final date of the tour, was Penny Road Pub in Barrington, IL. We have played this venue several times prior, but this night ended up being completely off the hook. The locals and TND blew the roof off the place, and we finished off the night with a bang. It was a great send off to an amazing tour, and it couldn’t have ended off on a better note.


Although we are sad that the tour has come to an end, we couldn’t have had more fun going across the country playing music for all of you. We met some incredible individuals, saw beautiful places, and hunted for Dunkin’ Donuts across america. We hope to see you all again very soon, and make sure to check out The Nearly Deads the next time they roll through your town too!