Full Of Rage With Nicolas Cage Tour Blog 5 – Laura V of The Animal In Me

What’s up party animals!? We had a relaxing two days off then we headed back out on the road. First stop was Portland! Of course I made the guys take me to get a bacon maple bar at VooDoo Doughnuts. After we all had a funky breakfast, we arrived at the Bossanova Ballroom. We were greeted with such hospitality. The crew helped us unload our gear up the stairs, gave me a personal dressing room, and tons of free food and drinks. What more could you ask for? Oh yeah, we also had pool tables and video games in the green room. All the bands were competing for the highest score at ski ball; can you guess who won? wink. We played with two awesome locals, Divides and She’s Not Dead. Another ‘girl power’ moment, with CJ from Divides kicking ass on stage and all the girls from SND rocking out. We had a really fun show. The stage was huge so we were all going crazy. Shout out to the awesome bartenders who gave me free drinks all night! I definitely hope we get to play the Bossanova again soon. 

IMG_1785-1 IMG_7575

After the show, we drove to our manager’s place in Seattle. We arrived around 3:30 am and crashed in his living room. I stole the couch while all the guys got cuddly on the floor. Last time we were there, he took us to a sweet bakery a few blocks from his house. So the next morning we all walked down to Bakery Nouveau and feasted on macaroons, quiche, and fancy sandwiches. If you can’t tell yet, I live for eating at cool places on tour. We are forced to eat a lot of fast food and gas station snacks, so when we have time to feast on legit grub we go for it. Anyways, we had a chill morning and hung out until it was time to head to the venue. It was our second time playing at Studio Seven so we were super pumped to come back. Dope was headlining that night and it was a packed house. We saw a lot of old friends and also made new ones! The crowd was super pumped all night so all of the bands were feeding off of that energy. We had such a fun time, I was stealing hats and glasses left and right. By the end of our set, Shane was crowd surfing and I was jumping around with everyone on the ground. Big thanks to the super sweaty dude who lifted me back on stage haha! Seattle always shows us love! 

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The next day we didn’t have a show so we made the most of it! We hit up the bakery again, played some pool at our super cool manager Davey’s crib, then headed to the city. It’s an obligation to hit up the Pike Place Market when you’re in Seattle. The rain had cleared up and it was blue skies for our stroll downtown. We walked by the infamous Gum Wall, which is painted with Juicy Fruit and is disgustingly cool looking. We also hit up The Pike Brewing Company, where I had some delicious beer and fish and chips. After we left downtown, we decided to end the day with cosmic bowling! I definitely lost but we all had a blast. I love Seattle so much, I never want to leave after I arrive. There are so many places I’ve been able to visit because of touring. 


I’m so grateful to our family, friends, and fans who believe in us to follow our passions and encourage us everyday. Shout out to all of the party animals out there; whether you’re at our show or in your car, thank you for rocking out with us! See you out there.

-Laura V