EXCLUSIVE: Track-by-track with Magnets & Ghosts

Ryan Potesta of Magnets & Ghosts talks Be Born, track-by-track:

“Off My Mind”

I think this one is pretty self explanatory..

“Drug Money”

Drug Money was a really cool track to conceive. Dean brought the song into rehearsal one day and we just started chipping away at the body of it.  He already had a really strong lyrical concept. Drug Money was a challenge because it stretched us a little bit.  It gave us the opportunity to open a different part of our song writing. A part that we knew existed but isn’t always easy to get to. The song deals with not compromising one’s vision.

“Here to Save Me”

Here to Save Me is a song I started writing on piano a while back.  The idea of the song came to me when I was sitting in my car. I was in a place where many of us find ourselves… vulnerable and maybe searching for some meaning in our current situation.  Up ahead, an ambulance approached me with its lights on and sirens ringing. I zoned out for a split second wishing whoever was in that car was coming to rescue me from what I was going through and how I felt.

“I’m Not the Devil”

I’m not really sure what to say about this song… Sometimes it’s fun to challenge yourself with production and writing.  I think this is one of those that came from just a single moment in time.  I remember the day I showed the seed idea to Dean. I was thinking he might dislike it just because it was a little different to dive into at the moment.  It was quite the opposite.. He encouraged me to finish it actually. I didn’t want to put a lot of thought into this song.  I wanted it to be just a moment.  Ya know, that moment where you’re so fucking pissed that whatever is coming out of your mouth might make sense or it might not… Haha that’s what this song means to me.  There is not much to it but I think it gets the point across..

Ascension is one of the first songs we put together in a live situation.  Dean had the song for a while and now it was up to us to put it together as a band. It turned into this really cool grungy rock song. Which is always fun, right?.. Ascension comes from a place of continuously having to fight through to be heard and in the process keeping true to your vision.

“Be Born”

This is one of my favorite songs on the EP. When Dean brought me the seed idea I knew it was going to give us a lot of freedom to create a “vibey” feeling for this song.  I loved all the space in the song and we felt it was important to keep that space.  So just by putting in little elements here and there, it started to sound really full and complete.  Be Born to me is about that moment of letting go and accepting what’s to come. It’s the new shape we take on after going through something meaningful in our lives.  It was fitting to name the EP after this track.

Magnets & Ghosts is an alternative rock band made up of Dean Roland (guitarist for Collective Soul) and Ryan Potesta. The new EP is a follow up to their well received 2010 debut Mass. The band is influenced by acts like Radiohead, Doves and Elbow. Be Born is available NOW.