EXCLUSIVE: An ‘Epidemic’ With New Years Day

The California rock band New Years Day has already had a busy year, and it’s only going to get busier. After recruiting drummer Nick Rossi earlier this year and switching record labels from Century Media Records to Grey Area Records, the quartet has released a five-song EP Epidemic. The title not only describes how the band has grown in support, but what the members have been going through the past year and a half.

Vocalist Ashley Costello said this is the first time the band has experienced a sense of growth among their supporters. Costello said her band always refer to their situation as “a disease that is spreading,” and they mean that in an enduring way.

NewYearsDay 1

“It’s what we’ve dealt with in the year of growth,” Costello said. “I’ve lost a lot of friends. We kind of looked at it as this epidemic of negativity in our personal lives and the band’s business life. It’s kind of like a tribute that we know that it’s getting bigger and it is spreading and we are acknowledging that.”

The album takes a new direction for the band, as it progresses with a more aggressive tone. They released the track “Other Side” as the single for people to get an indication of where the band is heading with their music.

“We felt like it was the introduction to the sound we have on this EP,” Costello said. “It’s heavier and I am always a fan of going heavier because that’s way more fun for me.”

While Epidemic is a change in tone for New Years Day, it marks the band’s first release with Grey Area Records. Costello said New Years day has had more success with the new label and it was the best decisions they have made in their career.

“I was like, ‘Why can’t one of our friends manage us? Why can’t someone we love and trust manage us? Why can’t we put our lives and our prayers into someone that we love,’” Costello said. “Honestly since that moment, we’ve had the best career. Things have been moving upward. Everything has changed for the positive.”

New Years Day have the next year full of touring ahead of them, and it seemed like the perfect time to release new music. While it may seem like bands could get burnt out when it comes to spending long periods of time on the road, it only contributes to Costello songwriting.

“There’s never a time when I don’t have anything to say,” Costello said. “There’s always things that I want to write about and it never stops. There’s never any shortage ever. When it comes time to write the next record, I will have tons of stuff to say.”