Lift A Sail Artwork

Catch Yellowcard’s new music video for “One Bedroom,” the lead single from their upcoming album, Lift A Sail (pre-order it here). Yellowcard joined Invisible Children to try to bring awareness to the atrocities happening right now in Central Africa with their touching music video.


Yellowcard’s statement:

We are so excited to be a part of this army of passionate artists, brands, and partners that is investing in the power of communication by helping to fund Invisible Children’s most vital programs in central Africa.

We partnered with Invisible Children for our latest music video release, ‘One Bedroom’ because we are pledging our support for their mission to end the LRA conflict and bring LRA combatants back home to their friends, families and loved ones.

Each dollar you donate, not only funds the production of one defection flier – giving an LRA solider a chance to defect safely, but also gives you the chance to win a personal thank you video from us.

One Dollar = One Chance

Thank you for your support, as we support Invisible Children and their mission.


To donate, to learn more.

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