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Issue 20

By: Eddie Jenkins

Things have been in a state of flux for deathcore thrashers Emmure. More than a year ago two of Emmure’s founding members, Ben and Joe Lionetti, left the band because of an “altercation in the band that really split them down the middle.” Soon after their departure, the band added guitarist Mike Mullohand and drummer Michael Kaabe (Warfix and Endwell), and Emmure’s death metal was back in full force.

“It’s just a little different (with Mullohand and Kaabe),” guitarist Jesse Ketive said. “The work ethic for the new guys is stronger. The music they are into is a little different. Different mojos, different souls to blend with. When Joe and Ben were in the band they did good things for us and they did bad things as well.”

Three months later the band would start anew, releasing their third full-length, Felony, complete with the brutal breakdowns that made them famous.

“There are new components, but everybody has adapted to the way things roll,” Ketive said. “There was an internal struggle within the band with creative and personal stuff. In the end it helped us chug along.”

Felony debuted at #60 on the Billboard Top 200, some 81 spots higher than their previous effort, The Respect Issue.

Invigorated with new life, the band has set an open course in 2010 with a hectic schedule through the end of the year. It all starts with this year’s Warped Tour (where Emmure will perform at al scheduled dates) and ends with a European tour.

“We did five dates on Warped last year and it was incredible,” Ketive said. “We were one of the only heavy bands there, but this year there are quite a few. Everything was really cool. We got the vibe and now we are ready to go out and get into it.”

Sandwiched in between the globetrotting, Emmure plans on recording their fourth full-length record.

“It looks like we are going to be recording in September,” Ketive said. “Fans can expect something similar to what they have heard and something new. Strong vocals, sing-a-longs, the powerful emotional stuff. I feel like we ae going to top what we did last.”

Emmure doesn’t plan on straying away from the sound that got them where they are. They will still bring the mosh and the breakdown like they have since day one.

“The sound that people loved before anybody gave a shit is still there. The only changing that will happen is the natural progression of what we do. We have been playing moshy stuff for a while and we are going to continue to do those thing. We will keep the core and add just a little bit to make it fresh for what we do. Make sure people are like wow! Keep them surprised.”

Emmure’s label, Victory Records, currently has no set release date for their new album. In the meantime, you can check out Emmure’s intense live performance on the entirety of this summer’s Warped Tour.