THROWBACK: Breathe Carolina


Originally published in issue #11. Purchase it online here.issue11_large

By: Kim Marshall

Computer-made electronic beats are the new basement-band-put-distortion-on-your-mic-screamo. So what happens when these two musical schools combine? No, it’s not Stephen Hawking’s latest techno project to “test the super-string theory with break beats (although I have joined the Facebook petition).” The correct answer would be Breathe Carolina, the musical duo out of Denver, Colorado. Breathe Carolina started quite by accident during a house-incarcerating blizzard. Unable to venture outside, Dave and Kyle made their first song (and hopefully had a snow day dance party). From there, they have continued creating tunes based on their genre-blended ideas and playing shows across the country with huge acts such as Jeffree Star in response to an increasingly large Myspace fan base.

The two-man team claim they are “just having fun” with their songs, creating a soundtrack built on “sexual innuendos and parties.” However judging from their lyrics there isn’t much sexual innuendo to be seen—in songs such as The Birds and the Bees and Don’t Forget: Lock the Door it’s all rather straight-forward if you ask me. But let’s be honest here, everyone knows sex sells, and it’s definitely working for Breathe Carolina. Breathe Carolina has an extensive tour list to boot with artists such as Every Avenue, Brokencyde, and The Morning Of. To check out dates, locations, demand a full-length, and more info check out their Myspace: And if you’re still disappointed Stephen Hawking hasn’t made a techno album, join this group on Facebook: Petition to Steven Hawking That He Might Create a Techno Album.

I got to ask the guys a few questions, and they had some exciting news for Substream Music Press!

SMP: Hi David and Kyle! What are you guys up to right now?

BC: We’re in Kansas about to play at the Eagle’s Lodge in Wichita. Just went to the zoo, good times!

SMP: What was your favorite animal at the zoo and why?

David: My favorite animal at the zoo today was definitely this gorilla named Billy. When we first saw him he was at the back of his cage sitting on a rock, and he ended up walking all the way up to the glass where we stood. He just hung out there with us! It was amazing!

Kyle: Billy was so cool! I also loved the Hippos, they’re always my favorite!

SMP: So I’ve heard you guys recently got signed to a label, tell us a little bit about that.

BC: Yeah! We just signed with Rise Records, and we are so excited to work with them. We were contacted by Craig at Rise in December, and we talked a few times. He’s good friends with our manager Eric Rushing because they both work with some of the same bands (The Devil Wears Prada, Drop Dead, Gorgeous). We finally met him at SXSW in Austin, TX in March of this year, and then we ended up signing right after Bamboozle in Irvine, CA in April!

SMP: What future goals do you have either for your first full-length, personally, or both?

Kyle: To just tour hard in support of our first release and keep writing to follow it up. We really want to incorporate live instruments (guitar, bass, and drums) in our future recordings. David played guitar in his former band and has recorded drums before so it would be fun to work more with that!

SMP: From what bands or artists have you taken most of your musical influence?

Kyle: I’ve gotten most of my influence from singers/screamers from bands like Thursday and UnderOATH. I’ve just followed their work and love what they do!

David: Firehouse, Rush, Panic at the Disco, Motley Crew—a lot of memories with these bands, and their songs get me excited to write!

SMP: Do you have anything to say to your fans or any other last words?

BC: Thanks for helping us get to this point! Without you we wouldn’t be here, and we’re so excited to tour and put out our record. Hope you’ll like the upcoming tracks!