THROWBACK: A Day to Remember

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By: Meredith Mitchell

With pop melodies catchier than previous outputs and hardcore vocals meaner than ever, A Day to Remember certainly plays a raucous game of cat and mouse in your eardrums.

With just enough time to catch his breath from the bands return from Great Britain, bassist Josh Woodard explained that the trip was a successful one.

“We played Reading and Leeds and had an awesome time,” Woodard said. “It was our first time playing mainstage at a festival, so we were all really excited. Touring with a package is cool because you get really close with all of the bands that are set on the tour. With festivals it’s rad because every day you wake up and find out that there are so many bands you’re stoked to see that didn’t play the festival you did last night.”

In addition to performing for their fans across the Atlantic, they also participated in Soundwave, a festival that takes place in multiple cities in Australia. “We all love it there and the kids are awesome,” said Woodard. “There were a ton of sweet bands playing those shows and it was just incredible to see them every night.”

Success has not eluded the band stateside. ADTR headlined Toursick and had the chance to handpick th bands they toured with, such as August Burns Red and Silverstein among others.

Like many bands, lineup changes have affected the group. A fourth studio album is set for release later this year. With the changeover of lead guitar from Tom Denney to Kevin Skaff, 2009’s Homesick would understandably have a different tone from future recordings.

“We never really go into writing/recording with our minds made up that we’re going to write ‘this’ kind of record,” said Woodard. “We write what we like to listen to. We love pop and we love hardcore. We didn’t stray from the path on this new record at all. We just have enhanced every aspect of our sound.”

ADTR then gathered ideas and brought them back home to Ocala for pre-production with Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory.

“That dude rules and is an incredible writer/producer,” said Woodard. “He really helped us make the best songs possible for this record. We had Tom come in and help with some ideas as well. It was awesome. These songs just came out and we were all really stoked about them.”

“This time around was much more relaxed. The first go around for Homesick was really hectic. We were working with Chad every day in the back of our bus on tour. This new record allowed us to relax in our hometown and just knock songs out.”

Another highlight to acknowledge is the MTV premiere of their video for “Have Faith In Me.” Fan reaction is a mixed bag, but one constant is the ever-present love for the band. The visual representation might not agree with all fans, but their ears still delight in “Have Faith In Me.”

Additionally, ADTR took a trip to the other side of the radio when they were featured on Loveline with Mike and Dr. Drew. Hilarity ensued when talks of a potential Mel Gibson-inspired band took place. Importantly, this was an opportunity for the band to venture out of their particular music scene.

“It was absolutely incredible,” said Woodard. “We grew up listening to the show, so it was so rad actually being a part of it. Both of those guys are really funny and nice. It was just an overall great experience.”

MTV, radio and of course Facebook; the band is represented on all mass media mediums. The social-networking hustle is a requirement for any band these days. “I think that social-networking for a band is important, but only to a certain extent, said Woodard.

The question of whether to issue a full onslaught of Internet and then fizzle out over a short time,” said Woodard. “I believe that becoming a successful band takes getting out on the road and grinding it out We’re looking to be a career band, not a trendy flavor of the week”

If this year is any indication of A Day to Remember’s staying power and their music maintains the dynamic mix of hardcore and pop-punk sensibilities, the boys need not worry about being listed a flavor of the week.