ROCKTOBER, it’s here!

It’s officially October Rocktober! We at Substream couldn’t be more excited. Tons of tours are kicking off this month (THE WONDER YEARS with THE STORY SO FAR) and tons are already in full swing like the Parks & Devastation tour with A DAY TO REMEMBER, SLEEPING WITH SIRENS and more. October is the most toured month of the year!

Coming from a music venue background, I know how crazy this month gets. I once had 27 shows at my venue in the month of October, only having Tuesdays free of the madness. On top of the crazy tour schedules, there are tons of album releases set: YELLOWCARD‘s Lift A Sail, FROM INDIAN LAKES‘s Absent Sounds, FIT FOR A KING‘s Slave To Nothing and so many  more – too many to list.

So, here’s our advice to you: take advantage of the tours coming near you, grab a record hitting shelves this month, whether it’s a band you love or a new discovery, and support the bands you love so much!

Happy Rocktober, everyone!

<3 Substream Team