REVIEW: Sinclair – ‘Sweet Talk’

If you haven’t heard of Sinclair, it’s time to change that.

Nashville-based alt/pop artist Julia Sinclair’s debut EP Sweet Talk (out November 4th) is an alternative, electro-pop gem.

The EP wastes no time opening up with a cool rock & roll style guitar riff and subtle electronic beat, joined quickly by the bouncy vocal lines that Julia Sinclair weaves perfectly throughout the verses of “Holla.” Before you know it, the song has worked its way to the chorus, which you will have a tough time getting out of your head.

The brilliant rhythms and melodies continue throughout “The World is Ours,” the second song on the record. If you’re into music, you’ll be into this one.

The title track almost has a throwback 80s feel to it and really gives Sinclair’s vocals a chance to shine on the hook.

Sweet Talk slows down on the fourth track “This Too Shall Pass.” Sinclair does a fantastic job of doing a slow, pensive song without being melodramatic or depressing. There’s also a banjo in this song, which is awesome.

It’s refreshing to hear something a little different from a female alt/pop artist today. However, that being said, if you dig Banks, Grimes and the like, you’ll love Sinclair.

If you aren’t jamming a steady diet of Sweet Talk this fall, you are messing up.