REVIEW: Meridian – ‘The Awful Truth’

Meridian The Awful Truth

I interviewed these cats when they’d just been picked up by Victory. They had a self produced EP out (which I never found and so never heard) but no other recordings. We talked about being the underdog, suicidal thoughts and where art and music fit into a very desperate situation. That was back in March. Six months later and the whole world is feasting on ‘The Awful Truth’.

Meridian should be proud of this record. I’m proud of it. Also a little bit freaked out by it. Y’know when you put an album on and on the first listen it hits you in the heart and gut? Yeah, that’s what this album’s doing as I write this. “Slip Away” is story of my life like someone’s screaming “don’t eff it up! Don’t eff it!” in your face while you’re choosing which parts of your life you’re about to redo. Shit.

Sure, sometimes you want no frills, solid and explosive metal but this slices against the door of the closest that your skeletons live in (which is unfortunate if one of your skeletons isn’t Jack Skellington. Remember him? Those were the days were all goths. Do you still get goths?).

It’s not like any of this accidental. It’s not like some Victory Records big-wig sat in on the band and said what ‘happens when you scream until your throat bleeds and let’s see how emo you can make those lyrics.” That  cut to the bone honesty has always been Meridian – since before they became Victory’s pit bull (and their bite is as big as their bark). “I thought life wasn’t worth living anymore,” screamer David Mitchell confided in our interview, “being in the right place at the right time and having the band let me join was the biggest life changing moment for me.”

All power to you. Keep it up.