REVIEW: Jukebox the Ghost – ‘Jukebox the Ghost’

'Jukebox the Ghost' is available 10/21 via Yep Roc Records.

Jukebox The Ghost Artwork

Jukebox the Ghost is one band that you can always count on for a good time. Whether you’re at one of their unbelievably fun and energetic shows, often featuring an assortment of eclectic covers, or just sitting back listening to any of their consistently awesome records, you undoubtedly will be on your feet dancing along by the end. Jukebox the Ghost provide life lessons to their fans, in the form of infectiously catchy indie pop. Their latest self titled release is no exception. Much like past releases, Jukebox the Ghost deals with life, love, and the great unknown.

The first single, “The Great Unknown,” is all about letting go of whatever has been holding you back in the past and embracing all that the future has in store for you. Vocalist Ben Thornewill sings, “let go of this world you know, there’s something waiting for you, in the great unknown,” with a sincerity that makes you believe that everything will be ok.

However there is a sadder side to the album as many of the tunes deal with past lost love and heartbreak. On “Made For Ending,” Tommy Seigel admits, “I should have known, right from the start that we were made for ending,” a sadly recurring theme in so many failed relationships.  Similarly on “Hollywood,” the song tells a story about someone with unrealistic expectations of what it means to be in love. Thornewill spells it out pretty clearly when he sings “it’s the kind of love that doesn’t exist anymore, you want Hollywood and this is real life.” Guitarist Tommy Siegel delivers a guitar solo in the middle, bringing the song all together. It should also be noted that “Hollywood” features a very special guest vocalist in the beginning. Brownie points go to those who figure it out. Hint, it may or may not be drummer Jesse Kristin…

As upbeat and poppy as the majority of the Jukebox the Ghost is, the album ends on a more somber note with the one two punch of “Undeniable You” and closing track “Show Me Where It Hurts.” Showcasing Jukebox the Ghost’s more serious side,  along with some fabulous falsetto harmonies, “Undeniable You” shows that you can’t predict what will happen and who will come in and change your life. With lyrics like “I thought I’d leave this world a lonely man, but then you, undeniable you changed me through and through,” inspire hope after the disappointment felt in songs like “Hollywood.”

Jukebox the Ghost have yet again put out a solid album that everyone should check out now. If you aren’t already in love with this band, after one listen to this album you will be. With lyrical themes for every mood, and crazy catchy music that has the potential to instigate dancing at any moment, Jukebox the Ghost is really a party all in itself, and of course you are invited.

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