REVIEW: Heart In Hand – ‘A Beautiful White’

Heart In Hand have been stepping their game up with the release of A Beautiful White. The melodic hardcore act have traded the generic metalcore-esque breakdowns for heavier riffs and faster beats.

What makes this album stand out is there are steady, downtempo tracks such as “Jasmine” and “Regain.Recover.Reprise.” with clean cuts and strong melodies. While there are some overplayed features such as cheesy lyrics and blasé messages, the band has come a long way since their first EP. The lyrics from “Poisoned Pen Letters” encapsulate the feel of the album perfectly: “success is the best revenge so I’ll keep pushing forward.”

Overall, A Beautiful White is definitely worth giving a listen if you’re a fan of straight up, no bull melodic hardcore. If this is what Heart In Hand want to keep churning out, then fans can expect great things to come in the future.