REVIEW: Forever Came Calling – ‘What Matters Most’

After the Twentynine Palms, CA based pop-punk quartet Forever Came Calling released Contender back in 2012, I figured the album would be hard to follow up. I was pleasantly proven wrong in their latest effort What Matters Most, which releases today, October 21 via Pure Noise Records.

In the sea of bands included within the upswing of the pop-punk revival that’s been prevalent over the last few years, it can be hard to differentiate between bands at times. Forever Came Calling has a way of adding their charm to the genre, and making songs easy to get stuck in your head. Whether up-tempo tracks such as “Defenseless” are more your cup of tea, or tracks taken down a few notches like “Endangered Innocence,” there’s essentially something for everyone within What Matters Most.

The quartet possess some of their best synergy within the track “Transient (I Don’t Miss),” making it a track worth leaving on repeat. FCC have a perfect blend of that up-tempo aggression with some toned down and reflective feel, with heavy lyrics of substance abuse to hold the track’s foundation. It’s clear throughout the album’s entirety that the tracks are anything but half-hearted, and “Transient (I Don’t Miss)” is simply more tangible proof of this.

What makes the album so wonderful is the fact that each track has its own special component to it that makes it worth coming back to. While albums sometimes have a tendency to fall off and have filler tracks in the later parts of the album, you won’t find any filler within What Matters Most with strong tracks such as “Indebted” or “Angels in Your Closet.” The album is diverse, yet cohesive at the same time, making it so the listener is attentive to each chord progression during the 11 track duration. Each track hits just as hard as the last, making it incredibly easy to sit down and listen to the entire album.

Forever Came Calling makes it known that their debut album Contender was not just a fluke release, by coming back just as strong, if not stronger with What Matters Most. The passion the quartet has for the music they write comes through in all 11 tracks, making it so the album really doesn’t have any low points. I’m proud to give these guys my full recommendation for their sophomore effort, because they truly deserve it. With the release of What Matters Most, Forever Came Calling secures a solid spot in the sea of pop-punk bands within its revival, proving they truly are contenders of the genre.