REVIEW: Counterpunch – ‘Bruises’


‘Bruises’ reminds me of a previous girlfriend. Not in the melodramatic sense of “my heart is broken and I still can’t think of her, how will I go on?” but in that she loved (loves? Pretty sure she’s still kicking) pop punk with booty-shaking groove. She used to shove this kind of music down my throat. It started with A Day To Remember and ended somewhere near The Wonder Years- all bands that I still love.

This album feels nostalgic, hopeful, exactly the way a counterpunch should (pun!). It’s like getting back up. Perhaps that’s what reminds me of her: resilience, good times, and not remembering things the way they happened but remembering them the way we want to (makes me think of Frank Turner’s ‘Time Machine’).

Still, for record number four what’s really rad is that it’s more like longing for her cuddles, welcome and comforting, then like returning to your home town and realising that nothing ever changes and same people exactly where you left them. Which is awesome because there’s nothing more depressing than coming full circle in failure.

Speaking of failure (and my failed relationships) what I really dig about this album is that it’s way up there in things that I should have been doing in my life up to this point: making awesome stuff and not feeling shit about it. Swinging for the fences and kicking down those doors that other people are putting up left right and centre. That’s really what this album’s about for me: being nostalgic, wishing cooler shit was done sooner and now doing that cool shit.

Sorry guys. Looking back at this review it looks like I’ve got some serious problems. That got a little bit weird.